• Be an event sponsor  (sponsoring a sports equipment donation, outdoor activity or mental wellbeing event that we will organize)
  • Annual Sponsor for items that will help promote physical activity and mental wellbeing of displaced children. (e.g. bikes, different kinds of racquets, basket balls, soccer balls, volley balls, baseball bats/gloves, shoes, outdoor paraphernalia, and other behavioral/mental wellbeing resources such as books, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Sponsor a displaced child’s sporting journey   (eg: financial or equipment sponsorship for a good tennis player)


  • Spread the word about our non-profit by adding our website/contact information in your communication/outreach channels (eg. Website, newsletters)
  • Offer our services as free additional/ancillary services to our target audience (alongside your services)
  • Partner with us for charity events, donation drives and other activities supporting displaced children

Please use this link to shop at smile.amazon.com and support our tax-exempt non-Profit (Tax Id: 87-2194179) at no extra cost , or to donate items from Amazon Smile Charity Lists. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/87-2194179