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HEARD is a student run IRS Tax exempt 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that provides a variety of resources to displaced children to promote their physical and mental well-being, and enables them lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Latest News :

1. HEARD Team mebers earn Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for 2022 (March 2023)
Gold – Nikhil Parida, Emaan Chhatriwala, Anagha Deepak, Arjun Sood, Aniridh Deepak, Alina Chhatriwala
2. Recogniton by Round Rock City Mayor: City Council meeting on Thursday, Jan. 12
3. HEARD Team mebers recognized on local TV : KXAN News (Dec 4, 2022)
Full Interview (copyrights – KXAN News) : Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3

2023 Events: (Details on ‘Events‘ page)

1. Clothes donation benefitting TX Child Protective Services, Caldwell and Hays Counties 01/22/23
2. Clothing, shoe Donation benefitting Austin ISD International Welcome Center 01/27/23
3. Created and distributed Greeting cards for Seniors at Brookedale Senior Living 02/12/23
4. Applied for and received Sams Club Community Grant for $1000 (Request ID 87479793) 03/05
5. Donated $1000 (Cigna donation program for children impacted by Turkey Earth Quake) 03/10
6. Clothes, shoes donation campaign benefitting RRASC – Round Rock Area Serving Center  03/14

2022 Events: (Details on ‘Events‘ page)

1. Clothes & Toys donation campaign benefitting TX Dept of Family & Protective Services: Jan 29
2. Shoe Donation campaign benefitting Sam’s Adventure Camp (http://www.justserve.org) Feb 12
3. Bake Sale to benefit Ukranian children impacted by the war: March 6 2022
4. Pet Supplies Donation drive: March 7, 2022
5. Brushy Creek Park, Adopt a Park: March 8, 2022
6. Bike Donation Event partnering with Auston Yellow Bike Project: March 19, 2022
7. Book Donation for Families in Transition (FIT – RR ISD): May 25, 2022
8. Clothes & Toys donation for Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center: July 7, 2022
9. Volunteering Event in India: July 25, 2022
10. ‘Back To School’ donation campaign for WILCO Children’s Advocacy Center: September 16, 2022
11. Bake Sale to benefit Refugee Services of Texas (RST): November 5, 2022
12. Received Walmart Community Grant for $500 (Request ID 76890183)
13. Book wrapping event – Helped wrap books that were donated to a local school 12/07/22
14. Walmart Year-end Merchandise Donations Pickup: December 9 – 17, 2022
15. Holiday Donation & volunteering Events: We partnered with local Walmart stores to accomplish several hugely successful donation events to wrap up 2022 on a high note. The donations (9 pallets: 120+ medium/large cardboard boxes of new clothes, shoes and sandals for babies, toddlers, boys, girls, men and women) benefitted several organizations in the Austin area.
16. NAMCC – North Austin Muslim Community Center  12/20/22
17. RST – Refugee Services of Texas  12/20/22
18. AISD International Welcome Center – (Refugee & Newcomer Support) 12/20/22
19. WCCAC – Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center  12/21/22
20. TX CPS – Child Protective Services / Williamson County Child Welfare Board  12/21/22
21. Arms of Hope – 12/28/22
22. RRASC – Round Rock Area Serving Center  12/29/22

Our Story

Sometimes simple experiences can lead to profound impacts and learnings in life. One such learning came from interacting with displaced children. Through tutoring I was able to teach them to read and write, and they taught me how to see the world through their eyes and understand their challenges. I also saw first hand the joy that some kids experienced upon receiving simple donation items from our high school mountain biking club’s charity events.

My experiences motivated me to think of ways we could make a much larger impact on this critical population not only within the state of Texas but also across the United States of America.

Currently, in the United States around 25% of children are from refugee or immigrant families and they already face significant trauma and challenges because of their forced displacement.

Various studies have shown that displaced children lack adequate physical activity levels and this leads to a variety of physical and mental ailments. Several organizations and non-profits service this target population by offering academic, economic, dietary support etc., but very few are focused on solving the root causes for their physical and mental ailments.

We founded “HEARD – Healthy Resources for Displaced Children”, a community based IRS Tax exempt 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that provides a variety of resources and early interventions to promote physical activity and mental well-being among displaced (refugee, immigrant) children enabling them to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Nikhil Parida (Primary Founder)

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