Officer profiles

Nitya Parida
Chief Research & Social Media Officer

Nitya is a freshman at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology. She is passionate about applying the principles of science and humanities ethically to construct gender-sensitive healthcare policies that help improve migrants’ access to medical care and combat climate change.

  • As the ‘Chief Research & Social media Officer’ at HEARD Non-profit , she oversees the Non-Profit’s digital marketing plan and social media strategy in alignment with the organization’s mission, objectives and goals.
  • Nitya founded the RRHS (Round Rock High School) IKIGAI Club that provided her fellow students and club members with a reliable framework to help identify their short-term, long-term goals, and the academic, career, life choices/paths to accomplish those.
  • Leadership roles in the Photography club at her high school taught her foundational leadership, planning and management skills but also an important lesson that people view life from a different lens, and that one must value others’ perspectives.
  • With more than 600 Hrs of volunteering through her high school years, Nitya has lend her time generously towards several community service efforts.
  • She never missed an opportunity to utilize her passion and skills to serve a good cause, whether it was through her dance, her planning and communication skills, or with her photography skills.
  • She lent a helping hand at the Treasures Charity Resale Shop and Boutique at the Round Rock Serving Center, where she met people from diverse cultural, economic, and social walks of life and learned to practice appreciation and gratefulness.
  • Nitya was drawn to Classical Indian dance ‘Bharatanatyam’ when she was five and she has been pursuing it for over 11 years now. Dance helped her stay connected to her cultural roots, heritage and community.
  • She was also part of her school’s highly competitive Dragon Pride Dance Company where she  was able to explore other dance forms such as jazz, contemporary, modern, and hip hop in the team setting, thereby expanding her dance/skills repertoire. 
  • Nitya’s love for travel and photography allows her to explore the beauty of the world and capture it in timeless pictures and memories.
Work Experience
  • Nitya worked part time at Mathnasium most of her high school years helped her recognize the power of audience centered communication and gave her the satisfaction that she can positively enable and motivate others to succeed. She says, “having the opportunity to witness my students’ gradual development into successful learners is extremely rewarding.”
  • She works part-time (unpaid) as the Chief Research & Social media Officer at HEARD, where she she puts her inter-disciplinary approach, exploratory/analysis skills and her social media savvy to good use. She researches and analyzes customer interactions, engagement data, social media trends to create and maintain the Non-Profit’s brand and marketing activities.
  • Freshman at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. (Class of 2025, Major – Policy Analysis & Management)
  • Round Rock High School – Class of 2021
  • She was an Honor Roll student throughout her middle, high school and was member of NHS – National Honors Society, NSHSS – National Society of High School Scholars, SNHS – Science National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta – National High School Mathematics Honor Society