Officer Profiles

Nikhil Parida
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Nikhil is a Junior at Round Rock High School in Austin Texas.  He says “community service enables me to advocate for education and health, and other causes that are special to me. Each experience has been unique and enriching, allowing me the opportunity to acquire new skills outside the classroom.”

  • Nikhil founded ‘HEARD – Healthy Resources for Displaced Children’, a community based student run non-profit organization that provides a variety of resources to promote physical activity and mental well-being among displaced (refugee, immigrant) children, enabling them to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • As the ‘Chief Operating Officer’ at HEARD, he forges strategic partnerships and relationships with sponsors, partners, clients and other professional business relationships and manages the day-to-day operations.
  • Nikhil founded and led the RRHS Mountain Biking Club that focuses on improving the physical, mental, social wellbeing of the club members at his high school. This club helped members stay active and connected following social distancing norms and to contribute towards several community improvement initiatives.
  • Nikhil is passionate about community service. Including his current role at HEARD, he has logged in over 400 hours of volunteering time at Charitable/501(c) (3) organizations such as the Round Rock Serving Center, Mathnasium, HC4A,Light & Salt Academy over the last 4 years.
  • Over the past couple of years, he has been tutoring and organizing donation drives for displaced children.
  • He helps his peers at school through Mu Alpha Theta tutoring sessions.
  • Nikhil loves tennis and he currently plays varsity team tennis (since freshman year) and other competitive USTA Tennis (since he was 10 yrs old).
  • He is also an avid mountain biker and makes time to explore the different levels of trails in and around the Austin area with his friends and fellow club members.
Work Experience
  • Unpaid work as the Chief Operating Officer at HEARD Non-profit organization where he partners closely with the management team (Board of Directors & other Officers) to oversee the day-to-day administrative and operational functions in alignment with the Non-Profit’s mission, objectives, and goals since Aug 2021.
  • Junior at Round Rock High School, TX. (Class of 2024)
  • Nikhil is an A+ Honor Roll student throughout his middle and so far in high school. He is currently a member of NJHS – National Junior Honors Society, NSHSS – National Society of High School Scholars, SNHS – Science National Honors Society, NSTEM – National STEM Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta – National High School Mathematics Honor Society.