Officer Profiles

Anagha Deepak
Chief Information Officer

Anagha is a first-year student at Round Rock High School in Austin, Texas. She is a self-driven, organized creative problem solver with a huge passion for learning and communicating in multiple languages. She believes “self-less charitable tasks are noble deeds and communication is a necessary tool to bring people closer” and hopes to serve the greater community by bridging technology and health science.

  • Anagha is the Chief Information officer of ‘HEARD – Healthy Resources for Displaced Children,’ where she will be working closely with the Management team to set and lead the IT strategy aligned with the Non-Profit’s mission, objectives, and goals.
  • She is a founding member and served as the President of her middle school’s Environmental-Science Club and Spanish club where she developed an interactive three-step process, where members re-teach the concept to someone else, apply it to the real world with a small experiment, and try to raise awareness about problems and bring about solutions.
  • She is serving as the President of her high school Spanish club, managing the club’s financial records and activities.
  • Founding member and Secretary of Minorities in Medicine high school club.
  • Anagha mentored an First Lego League Jr (FLL Jr.) Robotics team as an official Youth Mentor, developed a virtual presentation for the kids to showcase their work, conceptualized and maintained a ‘detailed blog‘, and corresponded and met with the Cedar Park City Manager and the Texas Guadalupe Hyperloop team to discuss the team’s mission and how it ties in with the community.
  • Anagha has been leading a Mathematics Pentathlon team for the past 4 years and is an active member of her school Student Council.
  • Anagha has been a part of a selective student panel representing the student body of her school
  • Anagha is passionate about community service and has logged in over 150 hours of volunteering time at organizations such as the Round Rock Serving Center, RED Cross, Generation SERVE, and Girl START over the last 2 years.
  • She started a community and family driven virtual event Grandma’s Bag of Storiesduring the COVID-19 pandemic with a goal to keep grandparents, the elderly and kids of families in different parts of the world closer, by their narrated stories and experiences. This opened a new world to all involved when the entire world was closeted indoors due to the pandemic.
  • Anagha has been tutoring children in Spanish, Math and Science over the last couple of years.
  • Anagha loves to swim and has been into competitive swimming for the past 10 years.
  • She is enthusiastic about learning multiple languages.
  • She has a passion for dance and has performed in various community and school cultural events.
  • She loves to sing and is trained in classical Indian singing.
Work Experience
  • Unpaid (volunteer) work as the Chief Information Officer at HEARD Non-profit organization where she is responsible for the team’s IT strategies and digital presence.
  • Unpaid (Volunteer) work as Youth Mentor for First Lego League Jr.
  • First-year student at Round Rock High School, TX. (Class of 2025)
  • Anagha is an A+ Honor Roll student and is currently a member of NJHS – National Junior Honors Society, NSTEM – National STEM Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, NSHS – National Spanish Honor Society, HOSA – Health Occupation Students of America, DECA – Distributive Education Clubs of America, Girls Who Code, Minorities in Medicine.
  • Awards:
    • Bio Austin Special Award, Austin Energy Science Fair 2022.
    • Halliburton All-rounder Award for Engineering Design at the State level Texas Alliance of Minorities in Engineering (TAME) 2021 competitions.
    • Earth Day ATX Positive Futures Award, Broadcom Master award, Texas American Water Works Association/WEAT awards at the Austin Regional Science Festival.
    • All rounder Best Girl Award, Excellence in Spanish and Mathematics award in Middle school.
    • Gold medal at ‘First in Texas Girls in Stem’ Robotics competitions.
    • FLL Robotics Qualifiers Champions Award.
    • Gold medal at British Biology Challenge.
    • National PTA Reflections Award of Merit in Literature, Award of Merit/Excellence in Choreography, Film Production, Music Composition, Visual Arts and Dance.
    • Outstanding Academic Excellence Award under the Presidents Educational Award program.